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The World's Most
Powerful Epos App

The World's FIRST EPoS System which tracks your customers Instagram followers*

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Your own custom app…

Introducing your own fully branded app, the ultimate tool to unlock revenue growth and marketing opportunities for your business.  Engage with your customers like never before, expanding your reach and giving your customers an experience that will drive their custom and ultimately your revenue.

Our team will collaborate with you to create your own fully branded app, tailored to your unique business.

Just some of the features:

  • Reward your customers and make them feel special with customized discounts, loyalty programs, and personalised messages.
  • Text message and send push notifications to your customer base.
  • Seamlessly track customer location and spending, across multiple sites.
  • Integrate effortlessly with our EPoS system, streamlining transactions and consolidating financials.


Reward your customers based on their follower count for tagging your business into a post and get free exposure

Direct Customer Marketing

Don't let social media channels dictate your marketing plans (or your budget). Increase your footfall by over 400% with direct customer communication.

Rewards drives Revenue

Reward your customer's based upon customers groups, loyalty, or just because you want to!  Completely flexible system, pinpointing who you want to target, based on your requirements.

Advertise Events & Sell Tickets

Forget 3rd party ticket providers, market and sell tickets direct to your customers through your app, at a fraction of the cost.

Instant Loyalty

Target your customer base however you decide; common interests, demographics, amount spent, or anything else. Once targeted, send that group specific offers, great for student offers, or maybe an NHS worker.

Instant Footfall

With direct marketing, expect your offers/events to sell out instantly. One of our customers sold out on a mid-week event within 15 minutes! normally impossible through normal social Channels.

Instant Revenue

Don’t just depend on social media for marketing, take control of your marketing plan and engage with your customers like never before. We promise the Eposbuddy app will take your business and its customer base to the next level.

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Trusted by major global brands
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*billed monthly, plus VAT
Fully Branded
Direct Cust. Messaging
Reward by Group
Meta integration
Text Messaging

Influencer Buddy


*billed monthly, plus VAT
Instagram integration
Live Follower Count
Live Check-in Checker
Reward by Follow amount
Fully Automated

Table Service


*billed monthly, plus VAT
Order From table
QR Code to App
Reduce Queues
Reduce Staffing Costs
Integrated Menu

Safety Buddy


*billed monthly, plus VAT
Restrict access to areas
Reduce company risks
H&S Questionnaires
Increase Customer Safety
Reduce Insurance Claims

Voucher Buddy


*billed monthly, plus VAT
Unlimited Vouchers
Send Vouchers Directly
Track Voucher Success
Target Voucher my Group
Voucher by QR Code

Ticket Buddy


*From billed monthly, plus VAT
No More ticket touts
Sell Direct to your customers
Advertise anywhere
No more per ticket Charge
Bought in App

Frequently asked questions

Is it actually our own branded app or just a web browser?

Yes it is 100%

Supply us with a logo and our design team will have your app on google play, and the app store within days, free of charge.

Not only that, but its very customizable, so we can adapt the app to accommodate your businesses growth.

Your website makes some bold statements about the capability of your app? How do I know if it’s true?

You don't need to take our word for it, try it, it's free...

We’ll get you set-up, as well as train you on the system.  Holding your hand through every step of the way ensuring that you not only know what you are doing, but also getting the best out of the system for your specific business.

Regular customers are important to me, they keep my business going, how can I reward them?

Introduce tiered pricing

The app functionality doesn’t just end with rewarding points for loyalty, by using the Customer Grouping function you can even adjust prices of products for your regulars.

These types of strategies make your business far more “stickier”, making it very difficult your customers to want to go anywhere else.

I have great Saturdays but mid-week is quiet, can the app help with that in anyway?

Take Control of your marketing

We can't emphasise this enough. Keeping in-touch with your customer base directly, and making them feel part of your community is game changing. From text messaging and push notifications to events advertising and selling tickets directly……

One of our customers sold an event out in 30 minutes through the app alone. Plan something good and SHOUT about it through eposbuddy.

I spend £1000's a year at the supermarkets, and at the end of the year I get £20 off my shopping, rewards are pointless!

We couldn’t agree more, that’s why we have designed the system so that you set the reward!

You decide what is right for your business, and then set it at the touch of a button.  It really is as easy as that. You can even check to see if one of your customers hasn’t been in for a while… ping them a personalised message with a reward and they will soon be back.

How will I be heard? People get flooded with notifications and emails these days?

True but everyone reads a text. That is why we provide you with various methods to engage with your customers

Trends change, our app allows numerous ways to contact customers and we will always adapt with those trends. If things change the app gives you the flexibility to change the way message your customers.

Is your system secure? I have seen how other QR codes can be shared and re-used by other people?

Our QR codes auto generate so they are never the same.

We believe we have everything covered when it comes to our solution, but we don’t want to stop moving it forward. So if you need or think of something that would help,  you can submit it straight to us through your Eposbuddy dashboard and we'll get back to you ASAP.

So how do we move forward from here?

If you have any more questions or simply would like to know more about one or more of the app's features,

please don't hesitate to contact us, We are more then happy to answer any of the questions you might have or give you a demo to fully demonstrate the functionalities of our app.

Get started with our own app now!

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