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Instagram Integration

Encourage your customers to showcase your business by tagging it in their posts, in turn, they receive rewards based on their follower count.

Direct Customer Marketing

Take control of your marketing strategy and budget and avoid reliance solely on social media. Increase footfall utilising targeted direct customer communication – proven to boost numbers by over 400%.

Rewards Drive Revenue

Reward your customer groups with points to spend in your venues – encouraging dwell time and return visits. Our flexible system allows you to target specific demographics, maximising the impact of your rewards programme.

Events & Ticket Sales

Promote your events and sell tickets directly to your customers through your Eposbuddy app, bypassing third-party ticket providers. Enjoy significant cost savings while maintaining full control over your ticket sales process.

Your own custom app…

Introducing your own fully branded app, the ultimate tool to unlock revenue growth and marketing opportunities for your business.  Engage with your customers like never before, expanding your reach and giving your customers an experience that will drive their custom and ultimately your revenue.

Our team will collaborate with you to create your own fully branded app, tailored to your unique business.

Just some of the features:

  • Reward your customers and make them feel special with customized discounts, loyalty programs, and personalised messages.
  • Text message and send push notifications to your customer base.
  • Seamlessly track customer location and spending, across multiple sites.
  • Integrate effortlessly with our EPoS system, streamlining transactions and consolidating financials.

Companies using our platform


Tailor your marketing messages to your exact specifications, whether its shared interests, specific demographics, spending habits or any other criteria. Send tailored offers to preset groups – ideal for student nights, NHS deals and more.


With direct marketing, anticipate your offers and events to sell out rapidly. Witness impressive results like one of our customers who sold out a mid-week event within 30 mins – a feat they had never achieved though their traditional social channels.


Unlock instant revenue. Seize control of your marketing strategy. With the Eposbuddy app, you will revolutionise your customer engagement and propel your business and its customer base to unprecedented heights.


Is it actually our own branded app or a skinned website?

Indeed – this is your own exclusively branded app. Provide us with your logos and artwork and our adept design team will quickly develop your app, bespoke to your business and make it available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app is fully customisable and can grow with your business.

Regular customers are important to me, how can I reward them?

One effective method is to introduce tiered pricing through the Eposbuddy app. With a few clicks in the back office, you can leverage the customer grouping feature to customise product prices for your regulars or any other group. A scan of their rewards QR code, accessible when the app is opened on their device, will tell the till which group they are in, and what price level they should be charged at.  Such strategies keep your regulars, regular!

Weekends are always busy, but mid-week is holding us back. Can the Eposbuddy app help us?

Yes. Maximise your marketing efforts to transform quiet mid-weeks into bustling days. Directly engage with your customer base bringing a sense of community through the app features – from push notifications to personalised text messages, promoting events, promotions or even selling tickets. Just like our customer who was able to sell out an event within 30 minutes via the Eposbuddy app alone, you too can plan exceptional events and amplify them through the Eposbuddy app to drive footfall and revenue.

I spend £1000s every year in the supermarkets and get £25 off my shopping, aren't reward schemes pointless?

No. That’s precisely why our system empowers you to set your own rewards, you dictate what aligns with your business goals and needs and can adjust them with just a click. Moreover, our platform gives you insight into customer activity and identifies those who haven’t visited in a while. Send them personalised messages and rewards to entice them back. It is so simple and effective.

How will my message be heard? People get flooded with marketing emails and notifications these days.

We recognise the power of direct communication. That’s why our platform equips you with multiple avenues to engage with your customers. While trends evolve, our app remains adaptable, offering various methods to stay in touch, whether that be SMS, push notifications or other channels, we keep pace with the changing preferences, ensuring your voice is heard.

The Eposbuddy app sounds great, how do I move on from here?

Simply call us on 0117 963 2200 to arrange a demo or to discuss further how the Eposbuddy app can change your business.

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