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Eposbuddy Kiosk

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Increase sales
Data collection
Reduce staff
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Eposbuddy Self Service EPOS

Our low cost Self-Service Kiosks including software for hospitality and retail. Customers can use the touchscreen menu to place their order and pay without needing staff.

Take more orders with less staff and reduce queues at peak times. At quieter times the kiosk takes the place of digital signs with both advertising and promotional content.

Customers can log on at the kiosk by scanning their loyalty app so you can market to them directly with personalised offers. Wall mount or use the supplied stand.

Revolutionise Your Ordering Experience with Fully Customizable Self-Service Kiosks

Experience the power of tailored solutions with our customisable Self-Service Kiosks.

Our cutting-edge technology allows you to customise the Kiosk software to perfectly align with your business needs.

From branding and aesthetics to layout and user interface, every aspect of the kiosk can be personalised to reflect your unique identity.

Our flexible software enables you to create a seamless and intuitive ordering process, adapting to your specific menu items, pricing, and promotions.

With our customisable self-ordering kiosks, you have the freedom to design an exceptional customer experience that sets your business apart.

Embrace the future of ordering and unlock endless possibilities with our fully customisable Kiosk solutions. Contact our Team today to fully explore the possibilities.

Ehanced Custome Experience

Enjoy a seamless ordering process that ensures convenience and satisfaction, encouraging repeat visits and positive feedback from customers.

Reduced Wait Times

Serve more customers efficiently, minimising queues, and providing faster service even during peak hours.

Order Accuracy

Eliminate miscommunications and errors, ensuring precise order fulfillment and meeting customer preferences to perfection.

Increased Order Efficiency

Streamline operations, improve accuracy, and reduce processing time for faster and smoother order management.

Upsellin Opportunities

Leverage strategic promotions to entice customers with additional items, boosting revenue and enhancing the overall dining experience.

Data Collection and Analysis

Gather valuable insights to make informed decisions, optimise menus, and deliver targeted marketing campaigns for personalised customer engagement.

Cost Savings

Optimise resources, minimise labor costs, and reduce food waste, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and improved profitability for the restaurant.

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