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Takeaway EPOS Systems

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30 Minute Setup

Plug and play - with unlimited training, you'll be taking your first payment in no time at all.

All In One

With our EPOS system you are completely covered. From taking orders to accepting payments and everything in between.

Our Eposbuddy App

Our app will enable you to engage with your customers in a completely bespoke way, through customised rewards, marketing, variable pricing. And much more.

Takeaway EPOS Systems

✔️Rapid Order Processing
Whether it’s online or over the phone, taking orders are a breeze, meaning  your staff can keep queues down and customers happy.

✔️Dynamic Stock Management
Keep track of ingredients and supplies in real-time, so you're always prepared for busy periods, and keep wastage to a minimum.

✔️Seamlessly integrate with online ordering platforms
Seamlessly integrate into third party delivery providers such as Deliveroo, Just eat and more. Ensuring your food reaches a wide customer base, and is delivered hot and fresh.

0% commission

Other platforms can charge up to 20% on every transaction. Not with Eposbuddy - there's no commission, so 100% of the profit stays in your pocket.

Order values

Increase total basket values thanks to customers placing their own orders via their own devices.

Ease of use

Designed specifically so menu items, customisation options and mix 'n' match promotions can be added and adjusted with ease.


Set preparation timers and provide customers with estimated wait time alerts to keep everyone well informed.

No mistakes

Reduce the likelihood of mistakes or misunderstandings thanks to a fully digital system that connects the kitchen.


Utilise screen space to place promotional messages, upsell products and provide information on special offers.

EPOS System for Takeaways

✔️ Insightful Sales Analytics
Understand your best-selling items, busy times, and customer preferences with detailed analytics, helping you make informed decisions to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

✔️ Secure Transaction Handling
Ensure every order is processed securely, with encryption and compliance standards met, protecting your business and building trust with your customers.

✔️  Customizable Menus and Promotions
Easily update your menu and run promotions through the EPOS system, enticing customers with special offers and ensuring your menu reflects current inventory.

Integrated Payment Processing

Taking payments quickly and securly is essential when it comes to operating a takeaway. At Eposbuddy we can help discuss your payment requirements and make you an exceptional offer regarding to rates.

Your Customers, Your Takeaways App, Your Marketing Edge

Maximize your takeaway's revenue and marketing effectiveness with the ultimate app created to deepen your connection with customers. Deliver a seamless ordering experience that boosts repeat business and increases your profits with your very own fully branded app that showcases the convenience and quality of your takeaway service.

  • Reward your customers with personalized discounts, exclusive loyalty incentives, and direct communication, making every order special.
  • Stay connected with your customer base through targeted text messages and push notifications, ensuring they're always up to date with your latest offerings.
  • Track customer ordering patterns and preferences effortlessly, enabling you to tailor your menu and promotions for maximum appeal.
  • Integrate smoothly with our advanced EPOS system, facilitating easy transactions and efficient financial management, all while streamlining the ordering process.

Integrated Social Media Marketing

With influencer Hero you gain the opportunity to turn your customers into your social media marketeers. Entice your customers to post on socials for a small pre-set reward like a free drink or a small discount. Increase your brand awareness instantly!

Your Customers, Our Kiosk, Your Takeaway Efficiency

Elevate your takeaway service with Eposbuddy's affordable Self-Service Kiosks, designed to cater to the fast-paced and convenience-driven takeaway industry. Enable your customers to effortlessly browse your menu, place orders, and make payments through a user-friendly touchscreen interface, significantly reducing wait times and the need for extensive staff interaction.

Key Benefits to Transform Your Takeaway Service:

  • Enhance order efficiency by allowing customers to self-serve, speeding up the ordering process, managing high-demand periods effectively, and minimizing queues.
  • Transform the kiosk into a promotional powerhouse during off-peak hours, showcasing your special deals, combo offers, and enticing advertisements to attract and retain customers.
  • Boost customer loyalty with an easy loyalty app scan feature at the kiosk, enabling direct delivery of personalized offers and promotions, improving customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.
  • Our adaptable software supports a tailor-made ordering journey, perfectly aligning with your takeaway's specific menu items, pricing, and special offers, ensuring a smooth and fast service for your customers.

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What is the ICRTouch EPOS systems for takeaways, and how does it benefit my establishment?

The ICRTouch product ecosystem is tailored to meet the specific demands of takeaway and quick service restaurant (QSR) environments. It streamlines operations, improves efficiency, and offers features such as intuitive ordering apps, intelligent kitchen management, and effective queue-busting solutions.

Is online ordering essential for my takeaway EPOS, and what does TouchTakeaway provide?

Absolutely! TouchTakeaway is a necessity to meet customer demand. It offers an intuitive online ordering solution, allowing customers to place orders from their devices, manage their accounts, schedule deliveries or collections, and more. It can function as an online webshop alongside your website or as a standalone app downloadable from app stores.

Does ICRTouch charge any commission for using TouchTakeaway?

No, TouchTakeaway platform is commission-free, ensuring that 100% of the profit stays with your takeaway business.

How do EPOS systems for takeaways streamline takeaway operations and save money?

The ICRTouch ecosystem seamlessly integrates various systems, including TouchPoint tills, TouchOffice Web reporting, TouchKitchen order management, and TouchStock control, into one comprehensive system. This integration allows for efficient management, reduced manual data transfer, and overall cost savings. Therefor directly impacts your bottom line.

How can EPOS systems for takeaways benefit my takeaway kitchen operations?

TouchKitchen simplifies order management by replacing traditional pen-and-paper systems, reducing errors, and ensuring that orders are delivered accurately and on time. It also features ChefGuard, which regulates order delivery during peak periods to prevent kitchen overwhelm.

How effective are SelfService kiosks and digital menus for takeaway businesses?

SelfService kiosks increase customer spending by an average of 10%. They offer independent order placement and can be configured for various setups. Digital menus like TouchMenu sync with your EPOS system, provide live updates, and reduce queues, improving overall customer satisfaction.

Can SelfService kiosks help with upselling and provide reliable service?

Yes, SelfService kiosks are reliable, providing consistent service. They also offer screen space for promotional messages, product upselling, and special offers.

How does ICRTouch handle driver management for takeaway deliveries?

ICRTouch's system enables the allocation of orders to available delivery drivers, providing order details, addresses, directions, and payment information. Drivers can log in to become available for additional orders upon their return.