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EPoS system for stadiums & Festivals

A Stadium & Festival EPoS system made by hospitality

Café Till systems for only £199

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Stadium & Festival EPoS system

Revolutionise the customer experience at your stadium or festival with our advanced EPoS till system. Implement our que busting solutions, maximising revenue during pinch-point times before, during and after events.

Our user-friendly EPoS system is tailored specifically for stadiums, enabling you to effortlessly track real-time inventory levels and gain valuable insights to maximize profitability.

Our fully integrated system will ensure that you can engage with your customers in a way like never before. Advertise and sell ticketed events without the 3rd party advertising and ticket fees. Run competitions and send promotional rewards - all at the click of a button and fully integrated into our industry leading EPoS system. Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and revolutionise your customers experience.

Take the first step towards transforming your customers stadium or festival experience. Call now, and let our team of experts guide you through all options Eposbuddy has to offer.

Automatically split bills

Take the pressure off your staff and reduce mistakes with TouchPoint’s built-in bill splitting functionality to automate the process in seconds.

Schedule happy hours

Save time by easily automating your TouchPoint till system to complete price changes for happy hours and time-sensitive promotions.

Product image buttons

Make it easy for all staff to quickly identify products on the till by using images to replace standard text.

Faster payments

With an integrated card reader, accept payments faster and with less mistakes, all while ensuring back-end reports are reconciled.


From a single terminal in a high street retailer to a multi-site business empire operating many tills, TouchPoint provides an efficient central solution in your EPoS ecosystem.

Ease of use

Intuitive and customisable, your staff will pick up the functions in no time. Control bespoke buttons, colours, images and keyboard layouts to improve efficiency for your business.

The benefits of EposBuddy EPoS System for Festivals and Stadiums

Frustrated with queues in your stadium or festival? Want to easily adjust pricing levels for happy hour? Need to train staff quickly? Look no further than Eposbuddy.


- Quicker Sales: Our intuitive design is fully customisable for stadiums and festivals. Meaning you can create layouts that enhance speed of service.


- Reduce Operating Costs: In-depth stock control, tracking of staff hours, and easy on-boarding of staff means that our Epos system will enable you to make key business decisions that keep your operating costs to a minimum.


- Robust Reliability: With 20+ years of development ICRs flagship software is trusted and used by the likes of Costa, Papa Johns, Geene King, and many others. With over 150,000 installs in the UK alone.


- Affordable: Our prices are some of the most competitive on the market

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Find out more about Eposbuddy EPoS systems and software now

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The Power Serve

Imagine the impact of reducing your serving times from a frustrating 30 seconds to a jaw-dropping 6 seconds - that's a six-fold improvement! With Eposbuddy, it's not just a dream; it's a reality that can revolutionize your business.

But we don't stop there. Our cutting-edge EPoS system offers more than just speed. By incorporating our innovative Kiosks, intuitive App ordering, and strategically placed Service power stations, you can skyrocket your revenue by at least five times while simultaneously reducing staffing costs.

Our Kiosks empower customers to serve themselves effortlessly, eliminating long queues and ensuring swift order placement. With our user-friendly App ordering system, customers can easily browse your menu, place orders, and make payments using their smartphones, all with a few simple taps. And with our strategically positioned Service power stations, your staff can serve customers at lightning speed, leaving no room for frustration or missed opportunities.

Ready to take your business to new heights? Challenge our talented coders today and experience the power of Eposbuddy. Serve faster, serve better, and watch your revenue soar like never before!

Department Power Service

New starters doing the same job repetitively mean quick learning and quick repetitions. This system is used by big chains like Mc Donald’s for a reason

Digital Epos

By removing the need for tills you reduce you staffing cost and speed up service dramatically. Again this is being adopted by most large chains

Expand your revenue Funnel

By introducing Eposbuddy Powerserve you could offer order to seat during showtimes or click and collect directly inside stadium seating areas.

Frequently asked questions

What is TouchPoint EPoS system, and how does it benefit stadiums and festivals?

TouchPoint is a powerful EPoS system specifically designed for stadiums and festivals, offered by EposBuddy.

It provides a comprehensive software solution to streamline transactions and enhance efficiency in these dynamic environments.

With TouchPoint, you can enjoy features such as fast and secure point of sale transactions, mobile ordering and payment options, inventory control, staff management, and real-time reporting.

By implementing TouchPoint, stadiums and festivals can offer faster service, minimize queues, reduce errors, improve inventory management, and gain valuable insights for enhanced operational decision-making.

Can TouchPoint handle the unique requirements of stadiums and festivals?

Absolutely! TouchPoint is tailored to meet the unique needs of stadiums and festivals.

It is designed to handle high-volume sales, quick transactions, and complex menu offerings.

TouchPoint can accommodate diverse food and beverage options, merchandise sales, and ticket scanning.

The system also offers features such as split payments, mobile ordering, and integrated barcode scanning to streamline operations and ensure smooth customer experiences in fast-paced environments.

Will TouchPoint integrate with my existing hardware, such as cash registers, mobile devices, and barcode scanners?

TouchPoint is designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of hardware peripherals commonly used in stadiums and festivals.

Whether you have cash registers, mobile devices, handheld scanners, or barcode scanners, EposBuddy can guide you through the integration process to ensure compatibility and optimal functionality with your existing hardware infrastructure.

This integration allows for smooth operations and efficient utilization of your hardware resources.

Can TouchPoint help me manage inventory effectively in a stadium or festival setting?

Yes, TouchPoint offers robust inventory management features to help you manage inventory effectively in a stadium or festival environment.

With TouchPoint, you can easily track stock levels, set up automatic reordering, manage ingredient lists, monitor inventory usage, and receive real-time alerts for low stock or out-of-stock items.

These features enable efficient inventory control, minimize waste, and ensure you have sufficient supplies to meet the demands of the event..

How can TouchPoint assist in managing staff efficiently during a stadium or festival event?

TouchPoint includes dedicated staff management features to enhance staff efficiency during stadium or festival events.

You can utilize TouchPoint to create staff schedules, manage shifts and breaks, track employee hours, and calculate wages accurately.

The system also offers features like role-based permissions, which allow you to control staff access to specific functions and data.

Additionally, TouchPoint facilitates communication among staff members, improving coordination and ensuring smooth operations throughout the event.

Is it possible to integrate TouchPoint with my loyalty or rewards program for stadiums or festivals?

Certainly! TouchPoint supports integration with loyalty or rewards programs, enabling seamless integration between your EPoS system and your stadium or festival's loyalty program.

By integrating your loyalty program with TouchPoint, you can effectively track customer loyalty, offer personalized rewards and promotions, and gather valuable data on customer preferences.

This integration strengthens customer relationships, encourages repeat attendance, and enables targeted marketing campaigns to enhance attendee satisfaction and loyalty.

Can TouchPoint help me analyze sales trends and make data-driven decisions for my stadium or festival?

Absolutely! TouchPoint provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities to help you analyze sales trends and make data-driven decisions for your stadium or festival.

With TouchPoint, you can access detailed sales reports, track popular items, monitor revenue streams, and gain insights into attendee behavior and preferences.

These analytics empower you to make informed decisions regarding inventory planning, pricing strategies, operational improvements, and overall event performance.

Is ongoing technical support available for TouchPoint used in stadiums and festivals?

Yes, EposBuddy provides ongoing technical support for TouchPoint used in stadiums and festivals.

The dedicated support team offers reliable and responsive assistance to address any technical issues, provide software updates, and answer any questions you may have.

They are committed to ensuring that your TouchPoint system operates smoothly during the event, allowing you to focus on delivering a memorable experience for attendees.

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