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EPOS system for Nightclubs

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30 Minute Setup

Plug and play - with unlimited training, you'll be taking your first payment in no time at all.

All In One

With our EPOS system you are completely covered. From taking orders to accepting payments and everything in between.

Our Eposbuddy App

Our app will enable you to engage with your customers in a completely bespoke way, through customised rewards, marketing, variable pricing. And much more.

Nightclub EPOS Systems

✔️An EPOS system designed for nightclubs
Our EPOS system is designed to deal with the dynamic demands of a busy nightclub, ensuring your staff work with maximum efficiency.

✔️Real-time Insights
Understand your business in real-time, track your best and worst products as well as your busiest and quietest times and then easily set price promotions to improve things.

✔️Custom made for your nightclub
Want to offer bottle service with personalized messages on the receipts? Or utilize kiosks to take payment at the door and reduce queue times? Our systems can do it all.

Ease of use

New or temporary staff can quickly and easily learn how the ICRTouch system operates with minimal training.

Happy hour

Schedule price changes to decrease for a period of time for promotions throughout the night.

Door entry

Eposbuddy can be used at the nightclub door entry or cloakroom. It can produce tickets that can be used for admission or pinned to clothing for the cloakroom.

Stock management

Know your stock levels, schedule and place orders and easily keep track of your ins & outs

Digital signage

Add attractive digital signage to display your drinks menus. Adjust pricing on-the-fly, schedule happy hours and rotate between wine/cocktail menus


Get real-time and historical sales reports and insights on TouchOffice Web. You will know what is actually selling and what isn't.

Tailored Nightclub EPOS

Speed of service is critical
✔️ Easy to use, reducing both errors and staff training time
✔️ Reduce your payment process time through our integration
Reduce wastage instantly through our stock management system

‍Security a top priority
Security levels are fully customizable, meaning staff can only do what you want them to do, with various methods available for logging onto the system. You can also use our system to track shift hours, including breaks. Our EPOS system even integrates seamlessly with your CCTV, meaning you can view footage of transactions taken place.

Integrated Payment Processing

Taking payments quickly and securly is essential when it comes to operating a nightclub. At Eposbuddy we can help discuss your payment requirements and make you an exceptional offer regarding to rates.

Your Customers, Your Nightclub's App, Your Marketing Buddy

Transform your nightclub's revenue and marketing potential with a fully branded app that reflects the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of your nightclub and is designed to enhance the way you engage with your customers. Create an unforgettable night that not only entices repeat visits but also significantly boosts your profits. Essential features to amplify the nightlife experience:

  • Treat your customers to VIP treatments with personalized discounts, exclusive loyalty rewards, and personalized messages, making them feel like the night's biggest stars.
  • Engage your nightclub's community with targeted text messages and push notifications, keeping the party alive and your guests informed.
  • Effortlessly monitor customer movements and spending within your venue, capturing essential data to tailor experiences and promotions.
  • Seamlessly integrate with our cutting-edge EPOS system, simplifying transactions and consolidating your financials for smooth operation.

Integrated Social Media Marketing

With influencer Hero you gain the opportunity to turn your customers into your social media marketeers. Entice your customers to post on socials for a small pre-set reward like a free drink or a small discount. Increase your brand awareness instantly!

Your Customers, Our Kiosk, Your Nightlife Advantage

Revolutionize your nightclub's service and marketing strategy with Eposbuddy's cost-efficient Self-Service Kiosks, engineered to meet the vibrant and fast-paced nature of the nightlife sector. Provide your customers with the luxury of browsing events, placing drink orders, and making payments through an intuitive touchscreen interface, minimizing the need for direct staff interaction and maximizing the enjoyment of their night out

Key Benefits to Elevate Your Nightclub Experience:

  • Why not use kiosks for door entry payment. We’ve had customers increase revenue significantly by getting people through the door more quickly and straight to the bar.
  • Accelerate service delivery even further by enabling customers to self-order their drinks, efficiently handling peak nightlife traffic and significantly reducing wait times at the bar.
  •  Use the kiosk as an engaging digital event board, displaying eye-catching promotional content, upcoming events, and special offers.
  • Encourage customer loyalty by allowing a quick scan of their loyalty app at the kiosk, offering you the chance to send personalized offers and rewards directly to your customer.

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What is Touchpoint, and how does it benefit my nightclub?

Touchpoint is a powerful EPOS system specifically designed for nightclubs.

With Touchpoint, you can streamline your nightclub operations through features such as seamless point of sale transactions, inventory management, staff scheduling, and customer analytics.

It enhances efficiency, improves customer service, and provides valuable insights to optimise your nightclub's performance.

Will Touchpoint integrate with my existing hardware and software?

Touchpoint is built to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of hardware and software setups, ensuring compatibility with your current infrastructure.

The Eposbuddy team can assist you in achieving a smooth integration that meets the unique needs of your nightclub.

How can Touchpoint help me efficiently manage my nightclub staff?

Touchpoint offers comprehensive staff management functionalities. It enables efficient staff scheduling, integrates with time clock systems for accurate attendance tracking, and provides performance monitoring features.

These capabilities help you optimise staffing levels and streamline payroll processes effectively.

Does Touchpoint support loyalty program integration?

Absolutely! Touchpoint seamlessly integrates with loyalty programs.

By integrating your nightclub's loyalty program with Touchpoint, you can effectively track customer loyalty, offer personalised promotions and discounts, and run targeted marketing campaigns to reward and engage your loyal customers.

How does Touchpoint enhance security and prevent theft or fraud?

Touchpoint prioritises security and offers robust features to prevent theft and fraud.

It includes secure cash management functionalities, user access controls, and real-time transaction monitoring.

These features help minimise the risk of internal and external theft while identifying any suspicious activities.

Is Touchpoint user-friendly for nightclub staff?

Touchpoint is designed with a user-friendly interface and intuitive features.

Its user-friendly design ensures that your nightclub staff can quickly adapt to the system and efficiently utilise its capabilities. Additionally, the Eposbuddy team provides training and on-boarding support to ensure a smooth transition to Touchpoint.

Can TouchPoint help me analyse sales trends and make data-driven decisions for my nightclub?

Certainly! TouchPoint offers powerful reporting and analytics features specifically designed to meet the needs of nightclubs.

With TouchPoint, you gain access to comprehensive sales reports that provide valuable insights into your nightclub's performance. Track the popularity of drinks and menu items, monitor sales trends, and analyse customer behavior to make data-driven decisions.

These robust analytics enable you to optimise your menu offerings, fine-tune pricing strategies, plan targeted marketing campaigns, and drive overall business success in the dynamic nightclub industry.

Does Eposbuddy offer ongoing technical support for Touchpoint?

Yes, Eposbuddy provides ongoing technical support to assist you with any queries or issues related to Touchpoint.

Our dedicated support team is available via phone and email, ensuring that your nightclub's Touchpoint system operates smoothly and efficiently.