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EPOS Software

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EPOS Software with flexibility and reliability

TouchPoint, is a robust and reliable EPOS software developed over 20+ years. Enhance efficiency and productivity in hospitality, retail, or venue and events industries with its intuitive interface.

Installed over 150,000 times in the UK, the latest TouchPoint version offers enhanced features and flexibility. Annual updates ensure it grows with evolving consumer and business expectations.

With failsafe features, TouchPoint has you covered. Even in unforeseen circumstances like WiFi failure, essential functionality such as sales, float clerks, table payments, bill splitting, kitchen orders, ticket scanning, and more remain available.

Data is stored locally and backed up when connections are restored. Even during power outages, your data, including the latest transaction, remains securely protected.

EPOS Software that increases revenue, efficiency and safety

Maximise efficiency and accuracy with TouchPoint's intelligent prompts.
From up-selling reminders to allergen alerts and age verification notices, let your EPOS system handle the details, freeing up time for exceptional customer service.

Track clerk activity and transactions with TouchPoint's built-in audit trail. Enhance your insights with TouchOffice Web for comprehensive reporting.

Integrate CCTV to display transaction details and customise clerk sign-on with fingerprint scanners, iButtons, cards, or pins. Safeguard your business against fraud and internal theft with TouchPoint.

Doesn't Need The Internet

With most businesses operating with only a few peak hours a week . Losing your tills could put heavy risks into your cashflow. We cannot rely on internet based systems.

Easy To Use

TouchPoint has intuitive keyboard layouts for easy navigation. Button colours and graphics can all be customised, and a graphical table plan ensures the till is simple for staff to learn and operate.

Secure Staff Sign-on

Unique sign-on methods mean that only authorised staff can access the till and sensitive operations can be restricted, such as refunds or voids.

Staff Hours Logging

Clocking in and out can also be monitored ensuring accurate, quick and efficient payroll administration.

All The Required Power Retail Functions

With the Barcode Lookup, Price Lookup scale integration and many more features it has all it needs to take your retail outlet to the next level.

CCTV Integration

Every keystroke and command is captured, combine this with notifications when certain keys are pressed such as No Sale, Error Correct or Refund. You have the perfect companion to your audit trail.

Fully Customisable System

One of the only systems on the market where we can write code to change the system to suit you. No more one system fits all. Because it really doesn’t!!

Frequently asked questions

What is TouchPoint EPOS Software?

TouchPointis a reliable and proven Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system designed for businesses of any size and sector.

It is effortless to use and has been developed over two decades with annual updates to ensure it remains cutting-edge.

TouchPointis trusted by over 100,000 businesses to perform reliably and meet their operational needs.

What industries can benefit from TouchPoint?

TouchPoint EPoS software revolutionizes your business operations by providing an effortless and tailored solution. With over two decades of development, it delivers seamless functionality to meet the unique needs of your industry, be it hospitality, retail, or venue and events.

By incorporating TouchPoint, you can enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and ensure a robust and reliable performance that adapts to your evolving business demands.

What security features does TouchPoint offer?

TouchPoint offers robust security features to protect businesses against internal fraud and unauthorised access.

It integrates with CCTV systems, which act as a deterrent for both customers and staff, reducing the chances of theft. The CCTV system can also capture the Electronic Journal from the TouchPoint till and overlay it onto the recorded image, providing valuable evidence in case of incidents.

TouchPoint also captures every keystroke and command, creating a comprehensive audit trail. Notifications can be set up for specific actions such as No Sale, Error Correct, or Refund, enabling businesses to monitor and investigate any unusual activity.

Furthermore, TouchPoint offers unique sign-on methods, ensuring that only authorised staff can access the system and perform sensitive operations like refunds or voids. The system also supports time and attendance monitoring, facilitating accurate and efficient payroll administration.

Can TouchPoint scale as my business grows?

A Hospitality Epos system offers features like seamless tableside ordering, real-time reporting, integrated payment methods, and automated stock management, all finely tuned to meet the unique demands of the hospitality sector.

How customisable is TouchPoint?

TouchPoint offers extensive customisation options, allowing businesses to tailor the system to their specific needs.

The intuitive keyboard layouts make navigation easy, and the button colors and graphics can be customised to match the business's branding or workflow preferences. The graphical table plan feature simplifies staff training and operation, making it quick and efficient.

TouchPoint's customisable interface ensures that businesses can adapt the system to their unique requirements, enhancing efficiency and improving customer service.

Are there other complementary products offered by Eposbuddy

Eposbuddy offers a range of complementary products that can further enhance the functionality and efficiency of TouchPoint.

These include Digital signage, which allows businesses to showcase your menu offerings in a visually appealing and interactive manner.

Online reservations, making it convenient for customers to reserve tables online and reducing administrative overhead for businesses.

Digital order taking order pads streamline order taking, allowing staff to take orders directly at the table, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

TouchKitchen is a kitchen display and management system that facilitates smooth communication between the kitchen and front-of-house staff, ensuring orders are prepared promptly and accurately.

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