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Digital Signage

Realtime Digital Dignage displays made by hopsitality

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Digital Signage Displays

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Engage and Inform: The Power of Real-Time Digital Signage

Engage and inform your customers with our cutting-edge Digital Signage solution. By seamlessly syncing with our TouchPoint EPOS system, our digital displays ensure that the information presented is always up-to-date.

Make real-time changes on the go through a convenient third-party syncing service like Google Drive, allowing you to remotely update your signage effortlessly. Our system even automatically removes items that are out of stock, preventing customer disappointment.

With interactive features, our Digital Signage enhances customer engagement and delivers an exceptional experience.
Experience the power of dynamic and responsive signage that boosts sales and captivates your audience.

Efficiency and Flexibility: Save Time and Money with Digital Signage

Discover the incredible benefits of our Digital Signage solution from ICRTouch. Save valuable time and money by eliminating the need for printing new signage. Effortlessly customise product sizes, prices, and layouts to perfectly showcase your offerings without the hassle of ordering physical signs.

Seamlessly integrate with our EPOS system to automate stock updates, keeping your customers informed about product availability. Take advantage of scheduled promotions and discounts, allowing you to effortlessly run timed offers that automatically update across your entire signage suite.

Unlock upselling opportunities and capture attention with eye-catching, fully customisable designs that align with your brand identity.
Join the future of signage technology and experience significant cost savings today.

Out of Stock Removes items

No more disappointing your customers my showing products that cannot have. No one likes getting excited to then get let down.

Automatic Updates

Removed the need for a skilled person to be onsite to update screens when prices or stock levels are adjusted.

Removes Costs or Design

The system pays for itself because it removes that layer of cost from editing your menus and screens as they auto update.


Run multiple screens displaying different menus from a single terminal.


Promotions are displayed on the menu board when the till schedules a happy hour.

Switch Menus

Rotate between multiple menus on one screen. Automatically switch between Drinks & Food or Breakfast & Lunch.


Use screen space to advertise to your customers. Let customers know all about your services before they order.

Frequently asked questions

How does Digital Signage sync with my TouchPoint EPOS system?

Digital Signage seamlessly syncs with your TouchPoint EPOS system, allowing you to display live digital information that is always up-to-date. Changes can be made on the go through a third-party syncing service like Google Drive, ensuring your signage is remotely updated and accurate. TouchPoint automatically removes items that are no longer in stock, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

What are the advantages of using Digital Signage over traditional printed signage?

TouchPoint EPoS software revolutionizes your business operations by providing an effortless and tailored solution. With over two decades of development, it delivers seamless functionality to meet the unique needs of your industry, be it hospitality, retail, or venue and events.

By incorporating TouchPoint, you can enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and ensure a robust and reliable performance that adapts to your evolving business demands.

Can Digital Signage help me keep customers informed about stock availability?

Absolutely! By integrating Digital Signage with your EPOS system, you can automate stock updates, ensuring that customers are always informed about low or out-of-stock products. This feature helps you maintain transparency and avoid customer disappointment.

Can I easily run promotions and discounts using Digital Signage?

A Hospitality Epos system offers features like seamless tableside ordering, real-time reporting, integrated payment methods, and automated stock management, all finely tuned to meet the unique demands of the hospitality sector.

How can Digital Signage help me increase sales and boost upselling opportunities

Digital Signage offers engaging experiences that create opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling. You can utilise the captivating screens to showcase additional products, experiences, services, and more, enticing customers to explore and make additional purchases.

What are some common uses of Digital Signage in retail environments?

Digital Signage has a variety of uses in retail environments. It can be used to display merchandise in stadiums with reduced stock, showcase high-value items in vape shops that are not displayed on shelves, or advertise multiple sectors in attraction parks, including ticket prices, opening times, cafe menus, promotions, and special offers.

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