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Handheld EPOS System

Handheld EPOS Systems made by hospitality

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Handheld EPOS Systems are more efficient

Empower your employees with a handheld EPOS system.

Raise the bar on customer experience with PocketTouch, the intuitive hand-held EPOS software that gives you a paperless solution to taking orders at the table.

Designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industries, using PocketTouch on an iOS, Windows, Android or even PAX device will help you turnover tables quicker, increase order values and reduce mistakes. Gain the flexibility to take orders at the table or in the queue line - whichever works best for your business.

Keeping both staff and customers happy

PocketTouch is designed by industry experts to allow waiting staff to take orders seamlessly from the table or queue line, without the need for any manual pen and paper system.

Orders are delivered straight from their handheld device to the kitchen and bar, giving the most efficient service to the customer. Order updates made on PocketTouch are automatically sent to the TouchPoint till and kitchen management systems such as TouchKitchen, streamlining the whole process and allowing you to turnover tables quicker than ever.

Faster Service

You’ll see table turnaround increase through seamless integration enabling more covers per table within every meal service.

Reduce Mistakes

Handwritten order mistakes are a thing of the past and the chef can get straight on with preparing the food, rather than querying order details.

Special Requests

Give your staff the opportunity to add custom messages to the orders, keeping the kitchen informed of special requests and allergies.

Floor Plans

Simple, easy to navigate floor plans mean staff can have full visibility of every table’s status, assign names and access multilevel plans.

Keep The Tab Running

Keep service efficient by easily letting individual customers pay off their portion of the table bill, without needing to close the full tab - great if a diner needs to leave early.

Queue Busting

Utilise PocketTouch to help reduce queues, allowing staff to accept orders and even take payments directly from the queue line.

Information To Hand

With PocketTouch, your staff have all the menu, allergy and promotion information in the palm of their hands, ensuring they’re ready to answer customer questions.

Frequently asked questions

What is PocketTouch and how can it improve my business's productivity?

PocketTouch is an intuitive hand-held EPOS software designed specifically for the hospitality and catering industries.

By empowering your employees with paperless order taking, PocketTouch enhances productivity in your business. It enables your staff to take orders seamlessly from the table or queue line, eliminating the need for manual pen and paper systems.

This streamlined process reduces errors, increases efficiency, and ultimately drives up revenue by enabling quicker table turnover, higher order values, and reduced mistakes.

How does PocketTouch reduce mistakes and improve order accuracy?

TouchPoint EPoS software revolutionizes your business operations by providing an effortless and tailored solution. With over two decades of development, it delivers seamless functionality to meet the unique needs of your industry, be it hospitality, retail, or venue and events.

By incorporating TouchPoint, you can enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and ensure a robust and reliable performance that adapts to your evolving business demands.

Can PocketTouch streamline at-table ordering and payments?

Absolutely! PocketTouch offers a streamlined solution for at-table ordering and payments.

Through its integration with PAX devices (available with select payment providers), PocketTouch enables staff to not only take orders but also complete payments directly at the table, all from a single device. This eliminates the need for multiple trips back and forth to the till, saving valuable time and providing customers with an efficient, seamless experience.

By reducing the time spent on payment processing, staff can free up tables quickly, increasing table turnover and overall customer satisfaction.

How does PocketTouch enhance customer satisfaction and the dining experience?

A Hospitality Epos system offers features like seamless tableside ordering, real-time reporting, integrated payment methods, and automated stock management, all finely tuned to meet the unique demands of the hospitality sector.

What features does PocketTouch offer to facilitate faster table service and increased revenue?

PocketTouch provides a range of features that optimise table service and drive revenue growth. Its seamless integration enables more covers per table within every meal service, resulting in increased table turnover and higher revenue potential.

Additionally, PocketTouch allows staff to accept orders and even take payments directly from the queue line, reducing queues and further enhancing the speed of service. The easy-to-navigate floor plans provide staff with full visibility of every table's status, allowing for efficient table assignments and multilevel planning.

All these features combined enable faster table service, improved operational efficiency, and increased revenue for your business.

Is PocketTouch compatible with different hardware devices?

Yes, PocketTouch is designed to be compatible with various hardware devices, providing flexibility and options for your business.

It can be utilized on iOS, Windows, Android, and even PAX devices, allowing you to choose the platform that best suits your business needs and preferences. Whether you prefer using handheld devices or tablets, PocketTouch offers compatibility across different operating systems, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

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