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30 Minute Setup

Plug and play - with unlimited training, you'll be taking your first payment in no time at all.

All In One

With our EPOS system you are completely covered. From taking orders to accepting payments and everything in between..

Our Eposbuddy App

Our app will enable you to engage with your customers in a completely bespoke way, through customised rewards, marketing, variable pricing... and much more.

Pubs & Bar EPoS Till System

✔️Tailored for Pubs & Bars
Optimize your pub or bar with our EPoS system, designed for seamless operations and enhanced customer experiences.

✔️Effortless Operations
Streamline service with automated order taking and real-time insights, freeing up staff to focus on customer interaction.

✔️Swift and Secure Transactions
Ensure quick, secure payments with our robust system, boosting confidence and satisfaction for both staff and customers.

✔️Seamless System Integration
Our platform integrates with your existing tools, from booking systems to accounting, simplifying your workflow.

Product image buttons

Make it easy for all staff to quickly identify products on the till by using images to replace standard text.

Secure staff sign-on

Unique sign-on means that only authorised staff can access the till and sensitive operations can be restricted.

Schedule happy hours

Automate your EPOS system to complete price changes for happy hours and time-sensitive promotions.


Never again worry about the kitchen getting overwhelmed with orders by regulating the number that are delivered per minute.

Turnover more tables

With more efficient operations, your team will be turning over more tables and increasing revenue in no time.

Clearer orders

Reduce mistakes by digitising the order taking process and send concise orders straight to the kitchen.

EPoS System for Pubs and Bars

Efficiency for your pub or bar with our exceptional pub till and epos system. Developed meticulously over two decades for the hospitality domain, our pub & bar EPoS system comes packed with an unmatched array of features right out of the box. Seamlessly merging into the ICRTouch ecosystem, this solution empowers your pub or bar with comprehensive flexibility and control.

From automated happy hour pricing and streamlined kitchen management to captivating loyalty schemes and personalised customer displays, our bar EPoS till system redefines the bar experience. Say goodbye to outdated cash registers and basic bar EPoS till systems as technology and demand unite in an encompassing solution.

Discover the intuitive design that requires minimal staff training, granting you more time to enhance customer engagement. Step into a new era of bar management with our pioneering bar EPoS system tailored for pubs and bars.

Your Customers, Your Pub's App, Your Marketing Advantage

Increase your pub's revenue and marketing potential with the ultimate tool designed to build closer connections with your customers. Offer an exceptional pub experience that encourages repeat visits and significantly boosts your bottom line.

Key Features to Enhance the Pub Experience:

  • Make your customers feel extra special with personalized discounts, exclusive loyalty rewards, and direct messages, creating a sense of community.
  • Keep in touch with your pub community through targeted text messages and push notifications, keeping your customers engaged and in the loop.
  • Track customer location and spending habits effortlessly across your establishment, enabling you to tailor your services and promotions more effectively.
  • Integrate seamlessly with our advanced EPoS system, simplifying transactions and optimizing your financial management for a smoother operation.

Your Customers, Our Kiosk, Your Hospitality Edge

Revitalize your pub or bar's service and marketing strategy with Eposbuddy's cost-effective Self-Service Kiosks, designed to tackle the unique challenges faced by the hospitality industry. Enable your customers to effortlessly browse your drinks menu, place orders, and make payments through a user-friendly touchscreen interface, significantly reducing the pressure on your staff and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Key Benefits to Elevate Your Pub or Bar Experience:

  • Minimize wait times and staff pressure by allowing customers to self-order, streamlining the ordering process, especially during peak hours, and reducing the demand on bartenders and waiters.
  • Transform the kiosk into an interactive promotion and information hub during slower periods, displaying your featured drinks, happy hour specials, and upcoming events to engage and retain customers.
  • Grow customer loyalty with a simple loyalty app integration at the kiosk, enabling you to send personalized offers and rewards directly, increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat visits.
  • Our adaptable software supports a customized ordering journey, tailored to your pub or bar's specific menu, pricing, and special offers, ensuring a fluid and enjoyable experience for your customers.

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What is TouchPoint, the bar EPoS system for pubs and bars, and how does it benefit my establishment?

TouchPoint is a robust bar EPoS system specifically designed for pubs and bars. It provides a comprehensive software solution to streamline operations and enhance efficiency in your establishment.

With TouchPoint, you can enjoy features such as seamless point of sale transactions, inventory management, staff scheduling, and customer analytics.

By implementing TouchPoint, you can experience faster service, reduced errors, improved inventory control, enhanced customer experience, and gain valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Bar EPoS, do I really need it for my pub?

Absolutely! TouchPoint is tailored to cater to the unique needs of pubs and bars. It is equipped to handle diverse bar setups, including different types of drinks, complex cocktail recipes, and specific pour sizes.

TouchPoint offers the flexibility to manage and track ingredient levels accurately, accommodate table service with order routing for efficient workflows, split bills among multiple customers seamlessly, handle promotions and happy hour specials, and provide comprehensive reporting on sales and revenue specific to the pub and bar industry.

Will TouchPoint integrate with my existing hardware, such as cash registers and barcode scanners?

TouchPoint is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of hardware peripherals commonly used in pubs and bars, including cash registers, barcode scanners, receipt printers, and card payment terminals.

You can leverage your existing hardware infrastructure by choosing TouchPoint, ensuring compatibility and maximising the functionality of your pub or bar's EPoS system. The TouchPoint team can guide you through the integration process to ensure a smooth and successful setup.

What is a bar epos till system, and how does it differ from a standard EPoS system?

A bar till system, often referred to as an EPoS bar system, is a specialised point-of-sale solution tailored specifically for bars and pubs. It distinguishes itself from standard EPoS systems by offering unique features and functionalities designed to cater to the specific needs of these hospitality establishments.

While standard EPoS systems are versatile and can be used in various retail environments, a bar till system is finely tuned to optimise bar operations, streamline order processing, and enhance overall efficiency in serving customers at bars and pubs.

Why should I choose an EPoS system for pubs & bars over a generic EPoS solution?

Choosing for an EPoS system customised for pubs, often referred to as a pub EPoS system, comes with several advantages. Unlike generic EPoS systems, which offer more general functionality, a pub EPoS system is purpose-built to meet the unique requirements of a pub setting.

It is specifically designed to improve the efficiency of bar operations, simplify order management, and enhance the overall customer experience. By choosing a pub EPoS system, you ensure that your technology aligns seamlessly with the demands of a pub environment, ultimately leading to smoother operations and potentially higher profits.

What key features can I expect from a bar EPoS system?

An EPoS bar system offers a comprehensive set of features tailored to the dynamic and fast-paced nature of bars and pubs. Some of the key features you can expect include rapid order processing, integrated payment methods, inventory management capabilities, and customisable reporting tools.

These features work in harmony to optimise bar operations. For example, quick order processing reduces customer wait times, integrated payment methods enhance convenience for both customers and staff, effective inventory management minimises waste, and customisable reports provide valuable insights that can aid in decision-making and business growth.

How can a pub EPoS system help me improve my pub's efficiency and profitability?

A pub EPoS system plays a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and profitability of your pub. It achieves this by simplifying order management and payment processing, thereby reducing wait times and minimising errors.

Additionally, it assists in optimising your inventory management, ensuring you maintain the right stock levels and minimise waste, which directly impacts your bottom line.

Pub EPoS systems provide detailed insights through its reporting features, helping you make data-driven decisions that can lead to improved operations, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased profitability for your pub.

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