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EPoS System for Restaurants

Restaurant EPoS systems made by hospitality for hospitality.

Café Till systems for only £199

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Restaurant EPoS Till System

Revolutionize your restaurant operations with our advanced EPoS till system for restaurants.
Say goodbye to manual order taking and inventory management headaches.

Our user-friendly restaurant EPoS system streamlines your processes, tracks real-time inventory levels, and provides valuable insights to maximize profitability.

With robust security features, you can trust that your transactions are safe and secure.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to boost efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

Call now and let our experts guide you through the implementation process. Upgrade your restaurant with the future of restaurant EPoS systems today.

Automatically split bills

Take the pressure off your staff and reduce mistakes with TouchPoint’s built-in bill splitting functionality to automate the process in seconds.

Schedule happy hours

Save time by easily automating your TouchPoint till system to complete price changes for happy hours and time-sensitive promotions.

Product image buttons

Make it easy for all staff to quickly identify products on the till by using images to replace standard text.

Faster payments

With an integrated card reader, accept payments faster and with less mistakes, all while ensuring back-end reports are reconciled.


From a single terminal in a high street retailer to a multi-site business empire operating many tills, TouchPoint provides an efficient central solution in your EPoS ecosystem.

Ease of use

Intuitive and customisable, your staff will pick up the functions in no time. Control bespoke buttons, colours, images and keyboard layouts to improve efficiency for your business.

The benefits of EposBuddy EPoS System for your restaurant

Frustrated with queues in your restaurant? Want to easily adjust pricing levels for happy hour? Need to train staff quickly? Look no further than Eposbuddy.


- Quicker Sales: Our intuitive design is fully customisable for restaurants and other venue's. Meaning you can create layouts that enhance speed of service.


- Reduce Operating Costs: In-depth stock control, tracking of staff hours, and easy on-boarding of staff means that our Epos system will enable you to make key business decisions that keep your operating costs to a minimum.


- Robust Reliability: With 20+ years of development ICRs flagship software is trusted and used by the likes of Costa, Papa Johns, Geene King, and many others. With over 150,000 installs in the UK alone.


- Affordable: Our prices are some of the most competitive on the market

                       Everything you need from one supplier….

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Find out more about Eposbuddy EPoS systems and software now

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EPoS System for Restaurants

Our restaurant EPoS system for restaurants, offers an array of features perfectly suited for the hospitality industry.

From automated happy hour pricing to efficient order management and personalized customer displays, this robust solution seamlessly integrates with the ICRTouch ecosystem, providing unparalleled adaptability.

It streamlines service, minimizes errors, and ensures staff satisfaction with minimal key touches. User-friendly and intuitive, the ICRTouch ecosystem requires minimal staff training. Plus, you can effortlessly promote events, exclusive offers, and upselling opportunities via customer-facing digital screens.

With Eposbuddy you gain valuable real-time insights into your business's performance, from tracking sales to managing stock and viewing comprehensive reports. With EPoS for restaurants, you empower your establishment for success in a competitive industry.

Clockwork Paperless System

Set your Goals on cooking times and delivery times. Monitor these goals through order history


Network though your customers and influencers to show the world your products. Reward them for uploading and tagging your work

Order at table or Kiosks

Cut you turnaround time and labour cost by introducing ordering at table. or Kiosks

Frequently asked questions

What is an EPoS system for restaurants, and how does it differ from a standard EPoS system?

An EPoS system for restaurants, often referred to as a restaurant EPoS system, is a specialized point-of-sale solution designed specifically to meet the unique needs of restaurants. It sets itself apart from standard EPoS systems by offering tailored features and functionalities optimized for restaurant operations.

While standard EPoS systems are versatile and can be used in various retail environments, a restaurant EPoS system is finely tuned to streamline restaurant-specific processes, such as order management and table service.

Why should I choose a restaurant EPoS system for my restaurant over a generic EPoS solution?

Opting for a restaurant EPoS system, also known as an EPoS for restaurants, offers several advantages for your dining establishment. Unlike generic EPoS systems, which provide more generalized functionality, a restaurant EPoS system is purpose-built to enhance the efficiency and customer service aspects of restaurants. It simplifies order management, optimizes table service, and improves the overall dining experience.

By selecting a restaurant EPoS system, you ensure that your technology aligns seamlessly with the specific requirements of restaurant operations, potentially leading to better customer satisfaction and increased profits.

What key features can I expect from a restaurant EPoS system?

A restaurant EPoS system comes equipped with a comprehensive set of features tailored to the restaurant industry. Some of the key features include streamlined order processing, table management capabilities, integrated payment options, and customizable reporting tools.

These features work together to optimize restaurant operations. For example, efficient order processing reduces wait times, table management features enhance the dining experience, integrated payment options improve convenience, and customizable reports provide valuable insights for better decision-making.

How can a EPoS system for restaurants help me improve my restaurant's efficiency and profitability?

A restaurant EPoS system plays a vital role in enhancing the efficiency and profitability of your restaurant. It simplifies order management and payment processing, reducing wait times and minimizing errors. Additionally, it assists in optimizing inventory management, ensuring you maintain the right stock levels and minimize waste, which directly impacts your bottom line.

Furthermore, a EPoS system for restaurants provides detailed insights through its reporting features, enabling data-driven decisions that can lead to improved operations, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased profitability for your restaurant.

Can a restaurant Epos system help with customer loyalty programs and promotions?

Certainly, a restaurant EPoS system can be a valuable tool for building customer loyalty and running promotions. Our EPoS systems for restaurants come with built-in loyalty programs that reward frequent diners with discounts or special offers. Moreover, these systems allow you to easily create and manage promotions, such as happy hour deals or seasonal discounts. By tracking customer preferences and purchase history, you can tailor promotions to specific customer groups, enhancing their loyalty to your restaurant.

How does a restaurant Epos system address regulatory requirements common in the restaurant industry, such as compliance with food safety standards?

Our restaurant EPoS system is equipped with features to help you meet regulatory requirements prevalent in the restaurant industry, including food safety standards. Our systems have prompts and checks to ensure compliance with food safety regulations, such as temperature tracking and expiration date management. Additionally, these systems generate detailed transaction logs, which can be invaluable in demonstrating compliance during regulatory inspections or audits. By using a restaurant EPoS system, you can effectively manage and document your restaurant's compliance with industry regulations and ensure the safety of your customers.

Can TouchPoint help me analyze sales trends and make data-driven decisions?

Absolutely! TouchPoint provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities to help you analyze sales trends and make data-driven decisions for your restaurant.

With TouchPoint, you can access detailed sales reports, track menu performance, identify popular items, monitor sales trends, and gain insights into customer behaviour.

These analytics empower you to make informed decisions regarding menu optimization, pricing strategies, marketing initiatives, and overall business performance.

Is ongoing technical support available?

Yes, EposBuddy provides ongoing technical support for TouchPoint used in restaurants.

They offer reliable and responsive support channels to assist you with any technical issues, software updates, or questions that may arise.

Our dedicated support team ensures that your TouchPoint system operates smoothly, minimizing any disruptions to your restaurant operations and allowing you to focus on providing exceptional dining experiences to your customers.

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