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EPOS Systems for Cafés

Cafe EPoS system made by hospitality for hospitality

Café Till systems for only £199

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Café EPoS systems to run your your coffeeshop

Increase your café or coffee shop experience with our revolutionary EPoS till system, designed to infuse innovation into every aspect of your business.

Say farewell to the days of manual order taking and the headaches of inventory management.

Our coffee shop and café EPoS system, weaves together the threads of your operations seamlessly. It comes with real-time inventory updates and strategic insights to help you savor the sweet taste of profitability.

Rest easy, knowing that the fortress of security enveloping your transactions is unyielding.
Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Embrace efficiency and profability, and let your café or coffee shop stand out from the rest.

Reach out to us today, and our team of experts will be your guiding star through the implementation of our EPoS system tailored to your unique café or coffee shop. Step into the future of EPoS systems for a truly distinctive experience.

Automatically split bills

Take the pressure off your staff and reduce mistakes with TouchPoint’s built-in bill splitting functionality to automate the process in seconds.

Schedule happy hours

Save time by easily automating your TouchPoint till system to complete price changes for happy hours and time-sensitive promotions.

Product image buttons

Make it easy for all staff to quickly identify products on the till by using images to replace standard text.

Faster payments

With an integrated card reader, accept payments faster and with less mistakes, all while ensuring back-end reports are reconciled.


From a single terminal in a high street retailer to a multi-site business empire operating many tills, TouchPoint provides an efficient central solution in your EPoS ecosystem.

Ease of use

Intuitive and customisable, your staff will pick up the functions in no time. Control bespoke buttons, colours, images and keyboard layouts to improve efficiency for your business.

The benefits of EposBuddy EPoS System for your Café

Frustrated with queues in your café or coffeeshop? Want to easily adjust pricing levels for happy hour? Need to train staff quickly? Look no further than Eposbuddy.


- Quicker Sales: Our intuitive design is fully customisable for café's and coffeeshops. Meaning you can create layouts that enhance speed of service.


- Reduce Operating Costs: In-depth stock control, tracking of staff hours, and easy on-boarding of staff means that our Epos system will enable you to make key business decisions that keep your operating costs to a minimum.


- Robust Reliability: With 20+ years of development ICRs flagship software is trusted and used by the likes of Costa, Papa Johns, Geene King, and many others. With over 150,000 installs in the UK alone.


- Affordable: Our prices are some of the most competitive on the market

                       Everything you need from one supplier….

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- Bespoke Epos solutions ✓



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Find out more about Eposbuddy EPoS systems and software now

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Café PoS Tailored to your needs

Increase profit and efficiency of your café or coffee shop to new heights with our exceptional café EPoS system. With over two decades of development focused on the hospitality domain, our café & coffee shop EPoS system comes packed with  comprehensive features that are perfectly tailored to meet your café's unique needs. Seamlessly integrated into the ICRTouch ecosystem, this solution provides your café or coffee shop with unparalleled flexibility and control.

From automating your daily operations to enhancing the customer experience, our café EPoS system does it all. Enjoy automated happy hour pricing to boost sales during peak hours, streamline your kitchen management for quicker order preparation, and implement captivating loyalty programs to keep customers coming back for more. With personalized customer displays, you can provide a unique and engaging experience that sets your café apart from the competition.

Step into a new era of café and coffee shop management with our pioneering café EPoS system, tailor-made to make your café's operations smoother, more efficient, and more delightful for both customers and staff.

Speed Up Service

With more efficient operations, your team will be turning increasing the amount of revenue.

Quick Set Up

Our team is fully trained to provide efficient and fast set up.


From a single-site cafe to a multi-site chain of coffee shops, our products will grow with your business.

Frequently asked questions

What is an EPoS system for a café or coffee shop, and how can it benefit my business?

An EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) system for a café or coffee shop is a comprehensive software and hardware solution designed to streamline various aspects of your business operations, including order processing, inventory management, and sales tracking. It offers benefits such as improved efficiency, enhanced customer service, accurate inventory control, and detailed sales analytics.

What features should I look for in an EPoS system to ensure it meets the specific needs of my café or coffee shop?

Look for features like easy menu customization, support for various payment methods, integration with loyalty programs, real-time inventory tracking, robust reporting capabilities, and the ability to handle special orders or modifications. Ensure that the system is user-friendly for your staff and can accommodate the unique demands of a café environment.

How does an EPoS system help with inventory management, especially for perishable items like coffee beans and pastries?

An EPoS system can track inventory in real-time, helping you monitor stock levels of perishable items accurately. It can send alerts when items are running low, reducing the risk of overstocking or running out of key ingredients. This ensures fresh, high-quality offerings and minimizes waste.

Can I integrate my EPoS system with my café or coffee shop's loyalty program to reward loyal customers?

Yes, our EPoS systems offer integration with loyalty programs. This allows you to reward loyal customers with points, discounts, or special offers directly through the EPoS system, fostering customer retention and increasing sales.

What kind of training and support options are available to ensure my café staff can effectively use the EPoS system?

We offer training sessions for your staff to ensure they are proficient in using the system. Additionally, ongoing customer support is  provided for troubleshooting and addressing any issues that may arise during regular operations.

Are there any security measures in place to protect sensitive customer payment information when using a café EPoS system?

Yes, our EPoS system is designed with robust security features to protect customer payment data.

How can an EPoS system help me analyze sales data and make informed decisions about my menu and pricing strategies?

Our EPoS system generate detailed sales reports that provide insights into your café's performance. You can analyze data on popular menu items, peak sales times, and customer preferences. This information enables you to adjust your menu offerings and pricing strategies to maximize profitability.

Can I customize my EPoS system to accommodate special orders, dietary preferences, or seasonal menu changes in my café or coffee shop?

Yes, EPoS systems are often customizable to meet your specific needs. You can configure the system to handle special orders, dietary preferences (e.g., gluten-free options), and seasonal menu changes, ensuring flexibility and customer satisfaction.

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